Thai man saves 300,000 baht in six months by stocking 50-baht notes

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A 33 year old man named Thana Benjasak has made an inspiring impact on social media with his unique savings method. Thana, a breeder of Siamese fighting fish residing in Klong Chuk Chae, Chachoengsao, has managed to amass nearly 300,000 baht (US$8,727) in just six months by saving 50-baht notes.

Thana’s saving journey began when he saw a TikTok video about people saving 50-baht notes. Intrigued, he decided to give it a try. Every time he sold a fish, he would exchange the money for 50-baht notes and drop them into a jar. This simple yet effective method allowed him to save almost 300,000 baht within half a year, reported Sanook.

“I saw this savings method on TikTok and thought I’d try it,” Thana shared. “Every time I sold a Siamese fighting fish, I would exchange the money for 50-baht notes and put them in a jar. After six to seven months of doing this, I counted the money and it took over four hours to complete, but the result was staggering – 294,300 baht.”

In related news, a Vietnamese man’s TikTok video showcasing his three-year piggy bank savings has become a social media sensation. Known as VL97 on TikTok, the man shared his unique saving approach, emphasizing the gradual accumulation of coins in a piggy bank. The video captured the moment when he brought a bag filled with coins to the bank for deposit, referring to it as a three-year pig-raising experience. The amassed amount surprised bank staff, prompting them to use a VIP room for the counting process, taking an entire afternoon. The video went viral, with netizens expressing motivation to adopt a similar savings strategy. While some sympathized with the bank staff dealing with the substantial amount, others questioned the significant sum saved, sparking diverse reactions and discussions about the effectiveness of the slow and steady saving approach.

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