Thai man kills girlfriend in jealousy and refusal to convert to Islam

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A Thai man killed his girlfriend in a luxury condominium in the Jana district in the southern province of Songkhla before taking his own life. The motives for the murder were reportedly jealousy and the woman’s refusal to convert to Islam.

Officers from Hat Yai Police Station were called to the murder-suicide in room number 13 on the 25th floor yesterday, December 19. Officers found the lifeless bodies of a 40 year old Thai man named Massadee Arleedeeman and a 40 year old woman named Tarinee Prom-in in the room.

A 9mm Sig Sauer P365 and two bullet shells were found near Massadee’s body. Massadee had a gunshot wound in his chin, while Tarinee had two wounds in her back. They were expected to die at least a day before their discoveries.

Massadee was reportedly a chief of the Saphan Mai sub-district in the province, and his girlfriend Tarinee was a sales representative of a truck showroom.

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Tarinee’s older sister revealed to the police that she could not contact her sister, and she did not go to work for two days. She decided to check on her at the condominium and noticed the unpleasant smell as she stood outside the room. She requested a spare key from the juristic person and entered the room to find a terrible scene.

The maid of the condominium reported to officers that she did not notice any suspicious act. Massadee arrived at the condominium on his white Toyota Hilux Vigo to meet his girlfriend as usual. The maid said she saw Massadee go out of the room to take out the rubbish on December 17 and had not seen the couple leave the room since.

Police anticipated that Massadee committed the murder-suicide. Officers reported that Massadee divorced his wife two years ago before starting a relationship with Tarinee. They later fought over jealousy and Massadee wanted to marry Tarinee to make their relationship more serious and permanent.

According to the police investigation, Tarinee did not accept Massadee’s proposal because she was not yet ready to convert to Islam after the marriage.

The bodies were taken to Hat Yai Hospital for an autopsy to determine the trajectory of the bullets to confirm whether or not Massadee committed murder-suicide.

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