Thai man goes on rampage: Attacks 6 people after married woman rejected his advances (video)

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A Thai man went on the rampage, attacking six victims, including a couple after a married woman rejected his advances in the central province of Kanchanaburi.

The wife’s husband, 24 year old Adisak Wiatesing, filed a complaint with the police after the couple were attacked by a man named Pae on April 10.

Adisak told police that he went to a bar with his 27 year old wife Sukanya Thaweechokkamthorn and four friends on Monday. He went to a bathroom and Sukanya waited for him at the front. While Sukanya stood waiting alone, Pae approached and asked for her LINE account. She refused.

Adisak said he came out of the bathroom at that moment and told Pae he was Sukanya’s husband and they returned to their table.

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While the two were travelling home, Pae followed them and cut off their car to make them stop. Pea then assaulted Adisak, Sukanya, and their friends after they got out of the car.

Adisak told ThaiRath…

“I do not hurt much from the attack but I am very angry because he (Pae) kicked my wife in the face. He did that to a woman. I will never give up on pursuing justice for me and my wife.”

Adisak also added that Pae visited the bar with his girlfriend as well, and he did not understand why Pae would proposition another man’s wife.

According to the Meaung Kanchanaburi Police Station, Pae is the owner of a motorcycle garage on Phatthanakan Road in the province.

Officers told reporters that Pae has been told to attend the police station for questioning on Tuesday, April 18.

Last month, a woman with the same name as Adisak’s wife, Sukanya, was stabbed by a Burmese man in Koh Pha Ngan after rejecting his advances. Three of Sukanya’s friends were also attacked in the incident, and the offender was arrested after a 30-hour search by police.

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