Thai man fights for justice after allegations made by ex-girlfriend

A Thai man is seeking justice following allegations made by his ex-girlfriend, who claims he assaulted her. He insists that she actually injured herself and falsely accused him of the assault.

The 36 year old accused, Bank, urged Channel 3 to share his story in hopes of finding lawyers or assistance to restore justice. Bank revealed that he faces several charges including theft, physical assault, Computer Act violation, and many others. Bank said his ex-girlfriend, identified as Aya, was an associate judge and knew how to work the laws.

Bank revealed to the media that he met Aya on a dating application in March last year. He shared with her that he was divorced but maintained contact with his ex-wife due to their shared child. Aya claimed to have a similar background, leading Bank to believe that they were the perfect match and could understand each other.

Bank stated that he was surprised when Aya gave him gold accessories worth over 35,000 baht after a month of dating. This made him trust her more and impressed with her dedication to their relationship.

As the relationship progressed, Aya allegedly exhibited strange behaviours. Bank explained that he borrowed 90,000 baht from Aya to buy a second-hand car. He later resold the car at 109,700 baht and gave the whole amount to Aya to repay the loan. He then earned 30,000 baht in commission and also gave the amount to Aya.

However, when he asked for 5,000 baht back for his child’s tuition fee, Aya refused and filed a police complaint against him for stealing her gold accessories. She also pretended that she did not know him when he visited her at her workplace to discuss the issue.

Police call

Despite their arguments and numerous complaints, Bank forgave Aya several times until a recent incident prompted him to end the relationship. Aya reportedly cut her wrists in Bank’s condo, leading him to call the police. She refused to open the door, prompting Bank to seek refuge with his ex-wife for a night.

Upon returning to his condo the following day, Bank found the entire room damaged. Furthermore, he discovered that Aya had filed more complaints against him, accusing him of physically assaulting her. Bank had a screenshot of Aya injuring herself during their video conference and shared it on social media.

Despite these incidents, Bank returned to the relationship due to Aya’s threats of self-harm. He is now attempting to peacefully end the relationship and clear his name from all the crimes he did not commit.

Bank claimed to have found that three other men faced similar incidents with Aya. She filed lawsuits against them and received significant compensation.

The accused woman had not yet stepped forward to clarify the incident.

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