Thai man caught red-handed sexually assaulting 10 year old niece

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A victim’s grandmother caught a Thai man sexually assaulting his 10 year old niece at her home in the central province of Prachin Buri.

The 41 year old rapist, Pornsathit, was caught assaulting a young girl in her home on June 22. The girl’s grandmother had left her alone in the house to tend to chores in the backyard. Upon her return, she was dismayed by what she discovered.

Pornsathit fled the scene and took refuge in a nearby forest by the roadside. The girl’s mother, Phon, was informed of the assault and hurried home from work to attend to her daughter.

Phon called Pornsathit to ask about the assault but he denied his actions even though he was caught in the act. Phon asked Pornsathit to come out of hiding and prove his innocence. Pornsathit obeyed Phon’s order but continued to deny the crime.

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Phon asked her daughter about the sexual assault but she also denied it. Angry and stressed, Phon grabbed a wooden stick to beat the girl in a bid to get the truth.

Pornsathit intervened and allegedly admitted to raping his niece. He claimed that he harboured romantic feelings for the girl and professed his love for her but the girl’s mother and grandmother remained unconvinced by his claims.

The family insisted on taking legal action against Pornsathit, prompting him to flee the house and go into hiding. The family filed a police report but Pornsathit remains at large.

Phon told the Naewna news agency that she received a death threat from Pornsathit after she reported the sexual assault to the police. She believes Pornsathit is not afraid of being imprisoned and dared to kill her because he was arrested and imprisoned before. She hoped that the police would successfully arrest him as soon as possible.

The girl was medically examined at the hospital and was found to have signs of repeated rape. The girl revealed to her mother that her uncle had raped her twice before the most recent act. She did not dare to reveal the assault to anyone because her uncle threatened to kill her whole family.

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