Thai man dies after altercation with nephew in Lampang

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A man suffering from a mental illness was fatally injured after a confrontation with his nephew in Lampang province. The nephew later turned himself in to the police.

Officers from the Koh Kha Police Station in Lampang province were alerted to a fatal assault at a residence in Tha Pha Subdistrict, Koh Kha District at 2pm yesterday, June 12. The police coordinated with the local rescue association, the Tha Pha Subdistrict Municipality Rescue Team, a doctor from Koh Kha Hospital, and forensic officers from Lampang’s Unit 5, to investigate the scene.

The incident occurred at a single-storey house. In front of the house, 69 year old Worapong was found lying on his back, wearing only shorts. He had bruises and a bleeding head wound, which had caused a pool of blood on the ground. Preliminary investigations revealed that before the incident, Worapong, who had a history of mental illness, quarrelled with his 40 year old nephew, Chaiyanat.

According to Chaiyanat, they frequently argued, and this time, his uncle initiated the violence. Overcome with anger, Chaiyanat punched Worapong, causing him to fall and hit his head on the ground, resulting in his death. The police have detained Chaiyanat, who is facing charges and will be subjected to further investigation and legal proceedings.

“My uncle started the fight. I lost my temper and punched him, not expecting it to end like this.”

The police have taken Chaiyanat into custody and will proceed with legal actions based on the evidence and testimonies gathered at the scene, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, a tragic discovery occurred on the evening of April 19 at a residence in Pathum Thani when a woman, returning from the market, found her brother-in-law lifeless on the floor, his body surrounded by a pool of blood, with a notable amount having come out of his ears.

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