Thai man accused of beheading neighbour in human sacrifice

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Police arrested a Thai man in the southern province of Surat Thani for allegedly beheading his neighbour in a human sacrifice ritual.

The dead body, minus the head, of 53 year old Sangiam Penrum, was discovered at a house in a rubber plantation in the Kanchanadit district of Surat Thani province. Sangiam was found sitting on his knees in front of the house with his body leaning towards the floor.

Kanchanadit Police Station officers discovered a 12-inch knife used in the murder near the body. Officers could not locate Sangiam’s head. The knife is currently with forensics to determine the fingerprints left on it.

The house is owned by Sangiam’s mother-in-law, who was absent for several days leading up to the incident due to her hospitalisation for the treatment of congenital illnesses. Sangiam, who is divorced, resided alone with his mother-in-law, and as a result, no one was present to witness the murder or any suspicious activity.

Sangiam’s ex-wife, 51 year old Panthip Onpromp, informed the police that she shares a son with Sangiam. They divorced three years ago because he struggled with alcoholism and allegedly subjected her to physical abuse.

According to Panthip, Sangiam frequently consumed alcohol, but he never caused disturbances in public, and she was unaware of any conflicts with members of the community. After the divorce, she did not maintain contact with him and was uncertain if any issues arose. Expressing empathy, Panthip mentioned feeling sorry for Sangiam despite the end of their relationship. Their 18 year old son was reportedly devastated upon learning about the tragedy.

Sacrifice suspicion rituals

Officers questioned a number of residents in the area. Several of them believed that the murder was for a sacrifice ritual. Locals reported to police that they should investigate a Thai man named Kung who had dug in several areas in search of treasure while performing sacrificial rituals.

Officers detained Kung today, November 13, and questioned him both on the case and his superstitious beliefs. Officers also investigated an abandoned house in the community where Kung performed rituals but did not find Sangiam’s head.

Panthip disclosed that a black bucket used to store water had disappeared from her mother’s house, and she suspected that the murderer might have used it to store Sangiam’s head.

Panthip added that she did not know the accused man, Kung, in person and had never witnessed his superstitious rituals mentioned by other locals.

Investigations into the murder are continuing.

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