Thai health charter chairman advocates for cannabis in wellness tourism

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Dr Kampon Sriwatanakul, chairman of the Thailand National Charter of Health, has called for the adoption of a holistic wellness technique to leverage the potential of cannabis in bolstering the nation‘s tourism.

He delivered these remarks at the 4th CISW MedCann Investment Summit 2023, which took place yesterday, December 20.

The chairman advocated for a wellness tourism model revolving around physical and mental fitness, incorporating spirituality. In his view, cannabis is versatile and advantageous because it can be harnessed for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

Nevertheless, he also professed the need for society to gain a comprehensive understanding of cannabis, given its vulnerability to misuse and potential negative impacts. He thus recommended that its use should be regulated by medical professionals.

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Dr Kampon also highlighted the necessity for more extensive research to explore how cannabis and hemp can be optimally utilised to enhance public health, reported Bangkok Post.

Meanwhile, Jacky Ong, the founder and president of CISW Holding group and CISW Global Club Thailand, also expressed his belief that Thailand has the potential to become a centre for holistic wellness. He spoke on the numerous wellness applications of cannabis, attributing them to its beneficial components.

“Cannabis is an herbal plant, not a narcotic drug. We have several reports on cannabis showing the plant has health benefits if used correctly. What we still lack in Thailand is [better] education for people to make the most use of it.”

Ong also highlighted the potential of cannabis in generating economic value, attracting foreign investment for cannabis farms, and creating employment opportunities.

In related news, a cannabis shop raid resulted in the discovery of about ten students, including a 14 year old, consuming marijuana within the premises. Residents, distressed by the situation, reported the establishment, leading to an investigation and legal action against the shop owner. Read more about this story HERE.

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