Triple odds: Thai gamblers back new three-digit lottery system

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The Thai government’s decision to introduce a three-digit lottery ticket system gained traction among gamblers, who believe it could reduce illegal gambling. However, lottery ticket vendors are concerned about the potential impact on their sales and are considering selling fewer traditional lottery tickets.

Following the Cabinet’s approval of a draft ministerial regulation to introduce three-digit lottery tickets, the Government Lottery Office (GLO) plans to allocate 60% of the revenue generated from these tickets as prize money. The exact prize amount remains uncertain since it depends on the number of tickets sold. Unclaimed prize money from any draw would roll over to the next one, but only for one subsequent draw.

Reporters surveyed the opinions of gamblers and lottery ticket vendors in Nakhon Ratchasima, specifically around Chom Phon Road near the Thao Suranari Monument. Most gamblers welcomed the new regulation, while vendors expressed concerns about its impact on their business.

Kaysit Buakong, a resident of Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima, supports the introduction of the three-digit lottery tickets. He believes that if implemented effectively, the revenue could significantly benefit the country. However, Kaysit is cautious, recalling past government initiatives to sell two- and three-digit lottery tickets that were eventually abandoned. He stressed the need for continuous and serious efforts from the government to ensure the initiative’s success.

“If the government can limit popular numbers in underground lotteries, people will turn to the three-digit government lottery tickets, reducing illegal gambling substantially.”

Kaysit also noted that the rollover of unclaimed prize money to the next draw would attract more buyers.

Lottery ticket vendors, on the other hand, are worried. Sales have been sluggish, with about 15% of tickets remaining unsold each draw. Vendors are considering reducing their stock of traditional lottery tickets to avoid losses and transitioning to selling three-digit tickets instead.

Despite these concerns, vendors remain hopeful that the public’s desire to win big prizes from traditional lottery tickets will sustain their sales. They believe the impact of the new three-digit tickets might not be as severe as feared.

The new regulation intends to provide consumers with more lottery options at government-mandated prices, thereby curbing illegal gambling activities. The GLO’s plan to allocate a significant portion of the revenue to prize money is a strategic move to attract more buyers to the legal lottery system, reported KhaoSod.

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