Tai Orathai, Thai folk singer takes Korea by storm

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Renowned Thai folk singer, Tai Orathai, has become a social media sensation in Korea, leading to a spike in curiosity about the identity of this airport fairy. The vocalist, also known as the Queen of Grass Flowers in the music industry, is currently preparing for her first concert tour in the United States this year, titled #TaiOrathaiUSATour2023.

Tai’s enchanting beauty and charming smile have captivated Korean tourists at the airport. A photo of the singer was posted on Twitter by a user named @emoticon95, captioned, “It seems like she’s a Thai actress…she can’t go anywhere because she’s servicing fans.”

The tweet also complimented her stunning beauty.

When the image was shared, it created a social media storm, garnering over nine million views and more than 9,000 retweets, much to the delight of Thai fans.

Thai fans did not leave Korean netizens in doubt about the beautiful woman’s identity for long, revealing in the comments that she is Tai Orathai, the beloved Thai singer known as the Queen of Grass Flowers and the creator of many hit songs across Thailand.

Thai fans also shared the titles of her legendary hit songs for the Korean audience to enjoy, hinting that the fan club may need to expand. The social media buzz led to jokes about her hit songs, reported KhaoSod.

Tai Orathai, Thai folk singer takes Korea by storm | News by Thaiger
Tai Orathai snapped at the airport for her US concert tour. Photo by KhaoSod.

The beauty of Tai was the trigger that attracted Korean fans into the fold. Netizens shared comments like…

“Orathai Unnie.”

“She’s really beautiful, just like a Korean.”

“She’s very stunning.”

“The word ‘beautiful’ can be generously used here.”

“Unchanging beauty, a true celestial star.”

“Her beauty makes the story.”

Tai’s popularity has extended beyond Thai borders, proving that music is a universal language that transcends national boundaries. Tai’s viral moment is a testament to her enduring charm and talent, which continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

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