Thai cyanide serial killer found support from police officer, says Big Joke

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The Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police (RTP), Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn, confirmed that a police officer supported the Thai cyanide serial killer, Sararat “Am” Rangsiwuthaporn, in her dastardly deeds. Big Joke did not reveal the identity of the officer but said an arrest warrant would be issued within two days.

The serial killer’s ex-husband, a deputy superintendent of a police station in Ratchaburi province, is suspected of being involved in the murders because he is the only person still alive who is close to Sararat. He denied all allegations.

Big Joke confirmed today that a police officer has been summoned and questioned once and that there is a connection between Sararat and that officer. Sararat transferred money to this police officer and also made contact with this person via phone.

Big Joke clarified that there have been 14 victims in total while one target managed to survive the poisoning.

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Sararat is facing charges for 10 murders, while an additional four are still under investigation.

Big Joke, in a statement to Amarin News, provided updates on the investigation into the source of the cyanide. The toxic substance was traced back to a factory located in the Latkrabang district of Bangkok. The Department of Industrial Works and the Food and Drug Administration will be conducting a thorough investigation at the factory.

In addition, Big Joke revealed that Sararat had previously worked as a life insurance agent. Authorities are currently looking into her old clients to determine if any of them died suspiciously and if anyone benefited from their deaths.

Big Joke also acknowledged that the police had made an error in some of the cases, as some of the victims did not undergo an autopsy even though all unnatural deaths should be investigated in this way. One such victim was Nipha “Pu” Saenchan, whose system was found to contain cyanide, but no further investigation was conducted into her death.

There is a possibility of a 5th victim in the case. A 64 year old woman from Kamphaeng Phet province in the central region of Thailand has just filed a complaint to the police. She believes her daughter, 37 year old woman named Monthathip “Sai” Khao-in, is the 15th victim of the Thai cyanide serial killer.

The mother said Sai passed away mysteriously in Bangkok seven years ago after travelling back to Thailand from abroad. She said Sararat picked Sai up at the airport and Sai died shortly after the meeting. The mother added that Sararat also assigned herself as executor to manage Sai’s assets.

Police officers are now investigating the case to collect evidence that could lead to Am.

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