Thai authorities bust Chinese-funded counterfeit cosmetics ring causing hair loss

A Chinese-funded warehouse was raided and counterfeit cosmetics and hair straightening products were seized. These fraudulent products, sold online, resulted in significant hair loss for many consumers. The operation revealed that the warehouse was selling an astonishing 3 million units per month.

Witthaya Sriprasertphap, an officer from the Royal Thai Police, along with Anuwat Rakcharoen, Chattha Nakkaew, Weeraphong Klaithong, and Veerachai Nalawachai from the Food and Drug Administration, announced the results of their operation against the Chinese-funded warehouse.

The warehouse, located in Bang Bon District, was selling counterfeit hair straightening products through an online platform. The operation was initiated following a viral video on the Facebook page Want to be Famous, We’ll Make It Happen Return part 6, showing consumers suffering from extreme hair loss after using the counterfeit product purchased from the TikTok application.

The investigation led to the discovery of a warehouse in Bang Bon Nuea Subdistrict, Bang Bon District, which was used to store and distribute the products. Upon searching the premises, officials found more than 10,000 counterfeit cosmetics pieces, worth over 400,000 baht. Alya, the caretaker of the premises, was arrested, and the counterfeit products were seized.

Weerapong revealed that the investigation indicated that the two shops were owned by a group of Chinese investors from the same fund. These counterfeit and substandard cosmetics products were secretly imported from China and stored in the Bang Bon warehouse for sale. The warehouse was distributing around 3 million units per month for over a year. Further investigations are being conducted to apprehend the funders and other related individuals, reported KhaoSod.

The operation was a massive success, and we seized over 10,000 counterfeit cosmetics pieces, said Officer Witthaya.

“The products were causing extreme hair loss in consumers, and we have arrested the caretaker of the premises.

Officer Weerapong added that they discovered two shops owned by the same group of Chinese investors.

“They were secretly importing these counterfeit and substandard cosmetic products from China. The investigation is ongoing, and we are working to apprehend all individuals involved.”

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