Flight flab: Thai airlines weigh in on passenger pounds

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Several airlines have introduced weight checks for passengers and their luggage before boarding to calculate standard and average passenger weight. This passenger weigh-in measure, initiated today, allows airlines to distribute weight more effectively on international flights, thus reducing fuel usage.

Foreign airlines have implemented the passenger weigh-in rule to investigate and calculate standard and average passenger weight. The collected data will help them ascertain weight distribution on their international flights, contributing to reduced aeroplane fuel consumption.

Previously, the Fly AirAsia Facebook page posted that during the week of October 16 to 20, at Don Mueang Airport, some flights from various airlines requested volunteer passengers to weigh themselves and their luggage to gather average weight data.

This passenger weigh-in data would then be used to update and enhance service efficiency, aligning with safety standards. The airlines carried out this operation in collaboration with the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand to collect such data. Passenger weight data will be kept confidential, complying with the PDPA law.

Recently, Thai Lion Air also initiated a passenger weigh-in measure. They stated that during the week of October 17 to 20, they invited passengers to contribute to average weight statistics for themselves and their luggage.

This information would then be applied to safety standards and improvements to achieve maximum efficiency. Thai Lion Air executed this in partnership with the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, gathering passenger data, which will be treated as confidential according to the PDPA law.

This passenger weigh-in and their luggage before boarding is voluntary and will be carried out at Don Mueang Airport on select flights, reported KhaoSod.

Last month, it was reported that Bangkok Airways is considering following in the footsteps of several international airlines by implementing passenger weight checks before boarding.

The trend of airlines assessing passenger weight gained attention on September 16 when major carriers like Korean Air and Air New Zealand introduced a noteworthy policy, requiring passenger weigh-in before boarding their flights. Read more HERE.

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