Teen’s Facebook fumble leads cops to school loot: Hapless 17 year old nabbed in Satun heist

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Police successfully tracked down and arrested a hapless 17 year old boy for stealing from a private school in the southern province of Satun after the thief changed the school’s Facebook profile to his portrait image.

Sri Aman Suksa School Director Sunthorn Wongmadthong filed a theft report at Mueang Satun Police Station after the teenage thief stole a mobile phone and 1,000 baht in cash from the school at 2.20am, yesterday, January 3.

Sunthorn also gave police CCTV footage of the theft. He added that he had shared the footage with locals who live around the school but no one knew him.

The footage showed the thief wearing a black hoodie, long jeans, and white flip flops. He walked calmly into the school and entered the school’s main office through a window. He turned on the lights and took a phone and some cash from the office.

The thief searched the office for more valuable items but his quest proved fruitless. Unconcerned about commuters or electrical appliances, he absconded with only a phone and cash.

In a peculiar turn, the half-witted thief used the stolen phone to access the school’s Facebook account, promptly replacing the profile picture with his own. This blatant revelation of his identity led to his apprehension later that day.

Police detained the teenage culprit, whose identity remains undisclosed, as he rode a motorcycle with a friend. While admitting to the theft, he insisted on acting alone. Shockingly, the simpleton confessed to stealing from five other schools and mosques before his eventual arrest.

Another idiotic thief who gave police clear evidence was a Thai man in the southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat. CCTV footage showed the man praying and invoking his invisible power before the robbery.

Believing in his magical power, the deluded fool did not avoid the security cameras at the scene. However, his invisible power did not seem to work as the entire theft was recorded, leading to his arrest in December last year.

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