Teenage twins arrested for sexually assaulting girls under 15 years old

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The twins aged 19 years old were arrested yesterday, May 18, after luring and sexually assaulting several girls aged under 15 years old in Ratchaburi province in central Thailand. This disturbing incident follows a history of criminal offences by the twins. One of them was only released from prison last year.

The officers from Police Cyber Taskforce and Metropolitan Police Bureau arrested the first perpetrator, 19 year old Yutthana, also known as Parn, at a construction site in Ratchaburi. Yutthana denied the allegations and shifted the blame to his twin brother, 19 year old Wanthana, also known as Pai. Wanthana was later taken into custody in a house in Suphan Buri province.

According to the police report, the suspected twin was traced after four victims came forward to file a complaint against the twins. One victim, a 15 year old girl, revealed to the police that the incident occurred in February. She met one of the twins on Facebook He invited her to a shopping mall and lured her into an abandoned house to rape her.

After conducting an investigation into the case, the authorities discovered several young victims who have not yet reported the crime out of fear of the twins. Some have even developed depression and attempted self-harm, causing panic among local parents in the province.

Wanthana revealed during the questioning that he stopped his education after reaching fifth grade and joined the motorcycle theft gang. He was caught three times for theft and drugs. He recently faced jail time for possessing 2,000 tablets of drugs for sale. Following his release in April, he found employment at a garage in Suphan Buri.

Disturbingly, Wanthana displayed an utter lack of remorse when questioned about his actions. He declared…

“I prefer young girls. I’m interested in women who are menstruating, not those who chew betel nut (in reference to the habit of some old Thai people).”

According to the report on KhaoSod, Wanthana also displayed disrespect toward the parents of the victims by saying…

“You want money? Why? Does your daughter’s vagina smell like jasmine? I don’t have money. All I have is my penis and my life. Do you want them?”

The officers reported that Wanthana was charged with theft three times and was charged with sexual assault four times while Yutthana was charged with theft three times in Suphan Buri and was charged with sexual assault three times.

Based on recent sexual assault cases, the twins are being charged under two sections including:

  • Section 329 of the Criminal Law: taking away minors aged under 15 years old from parents or guardians for an indecent purpose. The penalty will be imprisonment from two to 10 years and a fine from 4,000 to 20,000 baht.
  • Section 377 of the Criminal Law: sexually assault minors aged under 15 years old, who were not a wife or husband, no matter whether the minors consent or not. The penalty will be imprisonment from five to 20 years and a fine from 100,000 to 400,000 baht.

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