Taxi fares in Bangkok to increase in two weeks

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The Ministry of Transport yesterday approved a motion to increase taxi fares in Bangkok after recent protests by the capital’s cab drivers. The new fares are expected to come into operation in the next two weeks.

The Transport Ministry announced a month ago that taxi fares in Thailand would be increased after eight years of stagnation. The department of transport made the price increase conditional – taxi drivers must improve their service and avoid refusing to serve passengers.

More than 200 taxi drivers gathered in front of the Transport Ministry office yesterday morning to demand an answer on the fare increases as there had been no development for a month.

Last month taxi associations asked the government to increase the standard fare rates. Drivers asked for the basic fee to start at 45 baht for 1,600 to 1,800cc taxis and 50 baht for 2,000cc taxis and above.

At the moment, basic fares for every taxi in Thailand start at 35 baht. A journey between 2 to 10 kilometres costs 5.5 baht/kilometre, and a journey between 11 to 20 kilometres onwards costs 6.5 baht/kilometre)

The advisor to the Minister of Transport, Wirut Pimpanit, met with four taxi associations yesterday afternoon. Wirut told the associations that the government could not increase the fares they proposed but would compromise.

The meeting concluded in an agreement on the new rising price stated below:

1,600 to 1,800 cc taxi cars: The basic fee starts at 35 baht | 2,000 cc taxi cars: The basic fare starts at 40 baht

  • A journey from 2 to 10 kilometres costs 6.5 baht/kilometre
  • A journey from 11 to 20 kilometres costs 7 baht/kilometre
  • A journey from 21 to 40 kilometres costs 8 baht/kilometre
  • A journey from 41 to 60 kilometres costs 8.5 baht/kilometre
  • A journey from 61 to 80 kilometres costs 9 baht/kilometre
  • A journey from 81 kilometres onwards costs 10.5 baht/kilometre

In traffic jams or in case taxi cars travel less than six kilometres per hour, the cost will be 3 baht/minute, up 1 baht.

The new fares will come into effect in two weeks.

Wirut reported that the new fares will apply to about 80,000 taxis in Bangkok only.

For taxis in other provinces, the ministry said it would consider fare prices according to the cost of living and the consumer price index (CPI) in each area, especially in touristy areas like Koh Samui in Surat Thani and Phuket.

Wirut warned taxi drivers to maintain high service standards and stop refusing passengers. If any negligent drivers are discovered abusing their position, they would face severe penalties under the law. Their driving score will be cut, and their license might be suspended or revoked.

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