Take Me Out Thailand: American man gets blackout for his male chauvinistic attitude

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Thirty Thai women in the popular dating game show Take Me Out Thailand gave a blackout to an arrogant 22 year old American man after he showed his male chauvinistic side. He insisted at the end of the show that he told the truth, thankfully the Thai contestants would not accept a man who appeared to have stepped out of a 1950s time machine. The episode sparked a heated discussion among Thai netizens.

In the Take Me Out Thailand game show, which was aired on June 10, the single American man, who introduced himself as Tangmo in Thai, joined the show hoping to win the hearts of 30 Thai women. Throughout the episode, Tangmo expressed his views on married life, leaving many women on the show and netizens alike in disagreement. So, the girls gave him a blackout.

Tangmo said in the show in Thai…

“I consider myself a conservative person. For me, a man must be the breadwinner, working for the family. A man is a leader while a woman is a follower and supporter. I do not mean to imply that a man is superior to a woman but each has to do their duties.”

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Continuing his discourse, the American shared his perspective on the concept of loyalty. He stated…

“Some women who claim to desire multiple husbands have likely been influenced by social media. However, their true instincts don’t align with such desires. A good woman will desire only one man. The value of a woman is her purity. It is different for a man. Man’s instinct needs more than one woman.

“The meaning of loyalty is different from a woman. A man must take care of his partner and uphold his promises. If a man can take care of more than one woman, it is fine. All men want more than one woman. It depends on whether they will tell the truth to the women or not. For me, I want to have many children. If that woman could not give me, so she will have more friends at home.”

Tangmo admitted in the show that some people might question his beliefs but he believes in them.

Tangmo also disclosed that the world’s most successful women were single due to difficulties to find a partner. He said women in their twenties often prioritise professional success, and those in their thirties typically prioritise starting a family and having children.

One woman in the show, named Rainy, responded to Tangmo in English. She said…

“In my opinion, I think you are putting yourself as a main character. You are putting yourself in the centre of the universe. Actually, it is not like you said. You might have to respect other people’s thoughts.”

Another woman, Maji, also responded to Tangmo in English. She said…

“You are asking for a girl, but you don’t even give them loyalty. You can have other girls, but the girls can’t?”

The American replied…

“The loyalty between a guy and a girl is completely different. I am sorry, but that is just the truth.”

During the show, Tangmo chose not to disclose his real name but revealed that he is a YouTuber and runs a podcast channel called “Tangmo Talking.”

The channel launched its first video two months ago featuring the discussion between men and women on the topic of “Are girls okay if their boyfriend has sex with another woman but remains faithful to them?”

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