Student brawl in Ayutthaya leaves two dead and one injured

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A violent clash erupted between students from different institutions, resulting in two deaths and one injury. The brawl included the use of firearms and knives, leaving a mother devastated as her warnings went unheeded. The incident occurred at 6.30pm yesterday on Rojana Road, Bang Pa-in, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya.

Police and emergency services responded swiftly to reports of a brawl involving students armed with guns and knives. Upon arrival, officers found two male students lying injured, bleeding heavily on the road. Despite efforts to save them, one succumbed to injuries at Uthai Hospital, while another critically injured student died later at Wang Noi Hospital.

The police recovered a variety of weapons at the scene, including a homemade pen gun and a .38-calibre bullet casing in the grass. These items were collected as evidence.

One eyewitness suffered a hand injury during the incident. The student recounted that while riding a motorcycle with friends, they were suddenly shot at from behind, causing their motorcycle to crash. He claimed not to know who the assailant was and denied ownership of the gun found at the scene but admitted to possession of the knife.

Another student described the sequence of events leading to the violence. He and six friends, riding four motorcycles, were heading home when two individuals on a white motorcycle threw two ping-pong bombs at them. This prompted the student’s group to stop their motorcycles.

The attackers also stopped, drew knives, and began slashing the student’s friends, resulting in severe injuries. The student and others retaliated with knives, managing to bring their injured friends to Wang Noi Hospital, where one later died.

The grief-stricken mother of one deceased student, Noi, expressed her shock and sorrow upon learning of her son’s death. Through tears, she shared her fears about her son’s safety during his suspension from school, hoping it would keep him out of trouble. Despite her warnings and efforts to keep him safe, her worst fears were realised.

Police investigation

Police Major General Chotiwat disclosed that the altercation involved two groups of students who clashed violently, leading to stabbings and shootings with casualties on both sides. Investigations are ongoing to identify the institutions involved and determine the individuals responsible for the violence. Authorities will conduct thorough interviews with the students present at the scene to piece together the events and identify the culprits, reported KhaoSod.

“We are currently gathering details about the incident and will conduct in-depth investigations to uncover who orchestrated the attack, who fired the shots, and who wielded the knives.”

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