Speeding Myanmar motorcyclists fatally crash into lamppost

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Two Myanmar nationals, riding motorcycles at high speed, lost control and crashed into a lamppost, resulting in serious injury and death. The incident occurred yesterday, July 4 at 3.50pm on a road in Ratchaburi.

Upon receiving the report, an investigator from the Mueang Ratchaburi Police Station, Natthapong Ajam, rushed to the scene along with medical staff from Ratchaburi Hospital and volunteers from the Prachanukun Ratchaburi Foundation. The accident site was located near a ditch alongside the Huai Phai – Nam Phu road in Mueang Ratchaburi.

At the scene, a blue Honda motorcycle was found overturned in the grass near the ditch. The motorcycle’s front end was heavily damaged. Nearby, rescuers found a severely injured male, identified only by his nickname, Oh, who was immediately transported to Ratchaburi Hospital for life-saving treatments.

Underneath the wreckage, another male was found deceased. Identified as 19 year old Aung Se Oo, also from Myanmar, his body exhibited multiple fractures to the neck, arms, and legs. A nearby lamppost was visibly damaged, with the lamp hanging precariously.

A friend of the deceased, a 19 year old Myanmar national known as Nai, provided details of the accident. Nai explained that they all lived in Sri Muang Market in central Ratchaburi. After work, they decided to visit a nearby pond, approximately 500 metres from the crash site. They were riding three motorcycles with five people in total and admitted that they were racing. Nai recounted the final moments leading up to the fatal accident.

“I was ahead of them and saw them disappear in my rearview mirror. When I turned back, I found them in the ditch.”

Initial investigations included reviewing nearby CCTV footage, which confirmed that the motorcycles were travelling at high speeds and appeared to be racing. The footage captured a loud noise as the motorcycles left the camera’s range.

Police plan to involve multidisciplinary professionals in questioning the deceased’s friends to ascertain the exact cause of the accident, reported KhaoSod.

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