Lorry crashes into ravine in Lampang, driver injured

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A lorry carrying goods crashed through a bridge railing and plunged into a 3-metre-deep ravine in Lampang, causing injuries to the driver. Rescue teams quickly transported the injured driver to the hospital for treatment.

Officers from Thoen Police Station received a report today of an accident involving a lorry crashing into a bridge railing and falling into a ravine at kilometre markers 629-630, near Ban Sop Tern, Moo 6, Mae Thot subdistrict, Thoen district, Lampang province. They coordinated with investigators and rescue teams from the Mae Thot Subdistrict Administrative Organisation to assist the injured driver.

A 10-wheeled lorry belonging to a transportation company was found at the accident scene, having collided with and severely damaged the bridge railing. Debris and broken concrete were scattered about before the lorry overturned and fell into the ravine, approximately 3 metres deep.

The driver, a man aged between 40 and 50, was discovered attempting to climb out of the vehicle. He sustained head injuries and had blood covering his body. Rescue personnel promptly provided first aid before rushing him to Thoen Hospital for further treatment.

Preliminary information indicated that the lorry had departed from Bangkok and was en route to Chiang Mai. It is suspected that the driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel, leading to the accident. Police officials plan to conduct a thorough investigation to ascertain the exact cause.

Highway Department officials installed warning signs and traffic cones to prevent further accidents on the road. Additionally, efforts were made to haul the lorry out of the ravine to continue the transport of goods, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, a 22-wheel lorry crashed into a bridge railing in Chachoengsao province after the driver fell asleep, causing debris to scatter and blocking one lane. A motorcyclist following behind collided with the debris and was injured.

Teep Mailuekdee, an investigator from Ban Pho Police Station, received a report at 3am on Wednesday, July 3, about a lorry crashing into the bridge railing on the Lam Pradu-Pa Yoong Yao Road in Lam Pradu, Ban Pho district, Chachoengsao.

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