Lizard lolly: Thai café’s popsicle takes social media by storm

Photo courtesy of The Nation

An ice popsicle inspired by Thailand’s iconic monitor lizard has taken social media by storm.

A peculiar treat named “I’m Here,” created by Sai Sook Khao Yai Wildlife Learning Ground & Local Treats, a café in Nakhon Ratchasima’s Pak Chong district, mimics the lizard’s distinctive appearance with homemade caramel and sesame skin. The name is a phonetic derivation from the Thai slang for the lizard.

The café boasts a meticulous process, blending black and white sesame for a perfect mix of crunchiness and sweetness. A bite reveals a creamy concoction of caramel, cream, cheese, and milk, offering a silky, decadent flavour. They’ve even included honeycomb for an extra crunch.

“We wanted a popsicle that resembled a monitor lizard but would not scare off customers.”

In Thailand, monitor lizards are protected under the Wildlife Conservation Act, with violators facing up to 10 years in prison and/or fines up to 1 million baht. Four species of the reptile can be found in the country: varanus nebulosus, varanus salvator, varanus rudicollis, and varanus dumerilii.

This reptile is so iconic that even Hollywood star Russell Crowe posted a video clip with a monitor lizard during his visit to Bangkok in October 2021, calling it his buddy. The monitor lizard popsicle is not just a treat for the tastebuds but also a testament to Thailand’s vibrant culinary creativity and love for its natural heritage.

The quirky and innovative “I’m Here” popsicle has captured the imagination of netizens worldwide, blending the exotic allure of Thailand’s wildlife with a unique culinary twist, reported The Nation.

In related news, a large monitor lizard caused a stir at a prominent bank in the early hours of June 9, prompting police and bank staff to intervene. Despite orders to stop, the reptile remained uncooperative. The lizard, weighing 20 kilogrammes, was eventually captured and released back into the wild.

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