Spanish tusker-tamer’s uproarious elephant escapade sweeps online spotlight in Thailand (video)

Picture courtesy of Jam Press.

A Spanish woman, well-versed in transforming tusker-sized tales into online sensations, couldn’t resist sharing her uproarious rendezvous with an elephant during a recent Thailand escapade.

The self-deprecating woman, Julia Candela, with a penchant for furry and tusked friends alike, took to TikTok to unveil her rib-tickling tête-à-tête with an elephant in Thailand that left her momentarily nose-to-nose with the ground. The video took the digital world by storm.

The 22 year old elephant lover embarked on a journey to an animal sanctuary nestled in Chiang Mai, Thailand, reported Jam Press. Amidst her visit, Candela ventured into the elephants’ compound, aiming for a perfect snap alongside two of the majestic creatures.

As she stood beside the enclosure, the video chronicles her grinning while one elephant playfully coils its trunk around her waist—promptly joined by its partner-in-crime. In an unexpected twist, the elephants executed an unexpected manoeuvre that sent Julia into a fit of giggles, ending up face-down in the dirt.

Remarkably, Candela appeared unscathed by the escapade. Her TikTok snippet chronicling this amusing elephant tête-à-tête in Thailand has wracked up a whopping 11 million views and more than a million likes at the time of this report.

In an accompanying caption in English, she said…

“I didn’t want to upload it, but you have to laugh at yourself.”

With her video’s viral stampede, Candela’s TikTok following soared to over 22,000 followers—a testament to the universal appeal of finding humour even amidst a tusk-and-tumble tale.

@juliacandela5 Respuesta a @Jessica Bauzá video completo en instagram: juliacandela0 #parati #tailandia ♬ sonido original – Erick Avila

According to the latest research in 2021 by the non-profit organisation, World Animal Protection (WAP), approximately 4,000 elephants live in captivity inside traditional and commercialised elephant camps in Thailand. A rising trend in elephant breeding has led to an increase in this number.

Elephants undoubtedly display their remarkable capabilities as a beast of burden, but it’s crucial to remember the other side of captivity. A large majority of elephants held in these camps suffer from both physical and mental distress due to exploitative entertainment activities, according to WAP’s findings. Read more HERE.

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