Shocking footage: Fatal pickup accident captured on livestream

Photo via Twitter/ @RedSkullxxx

A Thai pickup driver left netizens and friends stunned as he streamed a video while driving, only for his livestream to capture his fatal car accident on April 30.

The Red Skull Twitter account shared a livestream of the pickup driver, whose identity has not been revealed

“The driver’s last moments. Livestreaming while driving. His tyre unexpectedly exploded. He lost control and crashed. He was thrown out of the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene. A seat belt might have saved his life but he did not wear it.”

The video showed the driver singing while driving. He appeared tired and sleepy during the livestream.
Unexpectedly, a tyre blowout startled him, leading to him losing control of the vehicle. Despite his best efforts to regain control, the man was unsuccessful. The livestream documented the moment the man’s car collided with the roadside, scattering his belongings, before coming to a halt at a lamppost.

A friend who was watching the livestream alerted the authorities, but unfortunately, they were unable to save the driver’s life.

A lot of Thai netizens reshared his video and expressed their condolences to the man and his family. Other netizens pointed out that the man should not livestream while driving. Some said that he should put on safety belt while driving, while another complained that his action was also dangerous to other motorists in the road.

One netizen shared that he and his girlfriend once ended up in a similar accident but they survived because they were wearing a safety belt.

Thailand introduced stricter laws last year, requiring both drivers and passengers to wear seat belts for safety. Failure to comply results in a fine of up to 2,000 baht. However, many Thai drivers and passengers ignore the law and the penalty.

Another incident highlighting the importance of seat belts and car seats was reported in September last year. In the accident, an 18-wheeler truck crashed into a sedan, sending a nine month old baby flying through the car’s windscreen because there was no car seat. Fortunately, the baby survived.

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