‘Shark of Pattaya’ sinks teeth into ‘bullshit’ green EV claim

The ‘Shark of Pattaya’ has sunk his jaws into the electric vehicle (EV) industry and doesn’t like the taste.

Former Thai expat, Tim ‘Sharky’ Ward, once labelled Australia’s toughest gangster, let rip into the claim that EVs are saving the planet as “bullshit!”

Ward fled the Gold Coast, Australia, to Thailand in 2009 after becoming a target of the Australian police. The New Zealand-born nightclub owner quickly settled into life in Thailand and became known as the ‘Shark of Pattaya,’ because of his tattooed bodybuilder physique and the tough line he took with indebted borrowers.

Ward returned to the Gold Coast during the Covid-19 pandemic and is now trying to make a living as a professional dirt biker, shedding more than 20 kilograms in the process.

The wannabe rider may have mellowed in recent years but he isn’t afraid to let rip now and again. And that’s exactly what he did in a video posted on his TikTok channel after a bunch of women racked up enormous electricity bills charging their EV while renting out one of his homes.

“One of them turned up in a new Tesla Model 3. She told me she was saving the planet. Bullshit!

“They bullshit you telling you you’re saving the planet but you’re not. You’re charging this car at night on fossil fuels.

“Now it’s okay if you don’t work and you can charge it during the day with the solar panels. I have 83 solar panels on my roof, but during the day they were out driving, so the solar panels were absolutely useless.”

Ward made known Tesla’s home battery alternative was no better, costing more than 377,000 baht (15,000 Australian dollars) to purchase in Australia, and it only holds 13kW of electricity.

“The whole thing is f*cking bullshit. They’re scamming us. All these politicians have shares in renewables and batteries and lithium.”

'Shark of Pattaya' sinks teeth into 'bullshit' green EV claim | News by Thaiger

Ward may have led a colourful life in adulthood but it wasn’t the case as a child growing up in New Zealand. He was given up for adoption.

He revealed he was bullied as a kid but soon learned how to be street smart and look after himself.

Ward left his hometown of Waitara, Taranaki on New Zealand’s North Island in 1990 to pursue his dreams on the Gold Coast. It was there he started to amass his wealth and build up his reputation.

He was a well-known nightclub owner and millionaire personal lender who owned three Lamborghini cars at one time thanks to charging up to 200% interest on his loans.

Ward was eventually banned from loaning funds in Queensland in the mid 2000s and was made to pay AU$270,000 in fines and AU$100,000 in court costs after he was prosecuted by the Department of Fair Trading.

He then moved to Thailand in 2009 where he enjoyed a thrill-seeking lifestyle.

At the time he said…

“I don’t have to abide by the rules and if I do break the rules I just pay. It is one of the only places in the world where I really do feel free. I f*** up all the time but I pay. It beats going to jail. In Australia, I would be in jail.”

He also spent four hours every night handing out meat to dozens of stray dogs and cats on the streets of Pattaya.

His kindness earned him a huge online following.

At the moment Ward is into his professional dirt biker gig but he admitted he does plan to return to Thailand soon. He’s certainly been missed.

'Shark of Pattaya' sinks teeth into 'bullshit' green EV claim | News by Thaiger

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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