American man arrested in Phuket for sexually abusing his own daughter

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Thai police officers arrested an American man in the Rawai district of Phuket after he fled the US and charges of allegedly sexually abusing his nine year old daughter.

The Immigration Bureau yesterday held a press conference to report the successful arrest of the 30 year old American man, known only by his surname Mayes. The suspect escaped arrest in the US and fled to hide in Thailand. Fortunately, the Thai police were hot on his heels and he was apprehended.

According to the police, Mayes committed multiple acts of sexual assault against his daughter. His action was exposed causing him to flee the country and entered Thailand on June 29 with a Non-Immigrant Visa for Education, also known as NON-ED.

Upon receiving a report from the US Embassy in Bangkok, the Immigration Bureau swiftly initiated an investigation to track down Mayes. Their efforts paid off when they discovered his whereabouts at a rental house in Phuket’s Rawai district. On Sunday, July 16, Thai officers visited the property to verify Mayes’s identity and placed him under arrest.

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Mayes does not face any charges in Thailand as his visa is still valid. He will later be transferred to the US for further legal processes.

In addition to Mayes’s case, the press conference shed light on another two successful operations. Firstly, the immigration police managed to arrest two suspects who were involved in aiding foreigners in illegal entry into Thailand and supported the illegal foreigners in escaping the arrest.

The arrest of the two followed the arrest of 89 foreigners and four Thai nationals in April of this year. The foreigners illegally entered the country in the Kanchanaburi province with the help of four Thais. They were on their way to work in the southern province of Songkhla.

Secondly, immigration officers arrested five Chinese men for illegally entering Thailand. Furthermore, they apprehended a Thai national who provided transportation to facilitate the illegal entry of Chinese nationals. This group of Chinese individuals had been deceived and enticed to work in a scam call centre gang.

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