Say goodbye to your PayPal account from March 7, services to relaunch in Thailand

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Got a PayPal account? Withdraw your remaining balance into your bank account. PayPal is relaunching its services in Thailand. Starting next month, customers in the country will not be able to use their PayPal wallets to shop online. They will also not be able to make a new account until further notice.

Casual sellers and entrepreneurs of non-registered businesses will have “limited functionality” on the payment site, a move that will affect those in Thailand as many people have started doing business and transactions online due to the pandemic.

The changes start March 7 and PayPal says the company is working closely with Thai authorities on the relaunch to extend its services in Thailand. Don’t worry, PayPal says you’ll still be able to withdraw your balance to a linked bank account after March 7. Consumers can also still make payments with a debit or credit card through PayPal’s Guest Checkout function.

“For many months, we have been working diligently on the relaunch of PayPal in Thailand. As a locally-licensed payments provider, we have been gradually updating our products and processes to ensure we comply with all applicable Thai laws.”

For consumers…

“From March 7, 2022, consumers in Thailand with an existing PayPal account will no longer be able to use their PayPal wallet to shop online and make or receive payments until further notice. They will be able to withdraw any balance in their PayPal wallet to their bank account.”

For entrepreneurs, freelancers and sellers…

“Existing PayPal accounts registered to freelancers, casual sellers, and entrepreneurs/sole proprietors in Thailand will have limited functionality, except to make bank withdrawals.

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