Romantic Thai thief nabbed for stealing gold necklace to finance beach trip with wife

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Police in Bangkok arrested a romantic Thai thief who confessed to stealing a gold necklace from a Burmese victim at the bustling Sirichai market. The motive behind his theft? A romantic escapade with his wife to Bang Saen Beach in Chon Buri province.

The victim, Lin Aye, reported the theft at Bang Khun Tian Police Station on Sunday, October 22, recounting how a man on a motorbike had brazenly snatched his gold necklace. The thief managed to make off with only a portion of the necklace before making a swift getaway. Lin Aye estimated the gold’s value at nearly 40,000 baht.

Following the incident, the police scoured CCTV footage from the market and surrounding areas, successfully identifying the culprit as a 35 year old Thai man named Neng. Neng was apprehended while attempting to return to his home in Samut Jedhi district, Samut Prakarn province, which is situated near Bangkok.

Neng openly confessed to law enforcement that his dire financial circumstances had driven him to commit the theft. He revealed that he had sold a portion of the stolen gold necklace to a gold shop in the province, raking in 18,900 baht. However, he used the entire sum during a trip with his wife to Bang Saen district in Chon Buri province.

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To the astonishment of the authorities, Neng admitted to another theft, carried out just before the Burmese incident, during which he had successfully sold a pilfered gold necklace for 15,000 baht. Unfortunately for Neng, he was arrested before he could spend the ill-gotten gains.

Police reported that Neng will face charges related to theft, and his use of a vehicle during the crime will aggravate his legal situation. This charge carries a minimum penalty of five years in prison and a fine of at least 100,000 baht.

Neng’s criminal history further complicates his predicament, having been previously charged five times in drug-related cases and only released from prison at the close of 2021.

A similar theft for a lover was reported in September when a Thai man stole 120 packs of skin-whitening products from 7-Eleven convenience stores in the Isaan province of Surin for his girlfriend’s glowing skin. He also stole alcohol to share with his friends.

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