Restaurant customer gets 60 baht discount after finding glass in food

A restaurant customer in Ayutthaya Province, just north of Bangkok, received a 60 baht discount on her bill after she found glass in her food when it cut her mouth. 60 baht for a potentially dangerous accident. Now, she is hoping to warn others by her Facebook account as she shares her story titled, “Jackpot, found glass that made my mouth bleed, the owner gave me a 60 baht discount.”

The woman found the glass after it cut the inside of her mouth. Luckily she didn’t swallow the glass as it undoubtedly would have caused further damage.

The customer by the name of Thitima, a 27 year old, said she went with her boyfriend to the local restaurant and ordered 3 dishes. On her second bite, however, she says she felt something hard in her mouth and realised that it had cut the inside of her mouth after she tasted blood and felt pain.

The couple stopped eating and asked for the bill which came to 260 baht. Thitima told the server that she had found glass in her food that had cut her mouth. The woman asked if she was ok and reportedly discounted her bill by 60 baht. Thitima says she doesn’t expect the restaurant to take responsibility for the accident but wanted to share her story on Facebook as a warning for others.

Thitima says she thinks one of the restaurant’s employees washed vegetables together with glass cups which led to the glass getting mixed with the food. She reported the incident to the owner of the restaurant after receiving the discount on her bill.

SOURCE: Thai Residents

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