Reckless Lamborghini driver makes dangerous move & gets hit by pickup

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A reckless Lamborghini driver got hit by a pickup in the middle of the road in the central province of Sukhothai after making a dangerous right turn by cutting off other cars in the queue. The driver of the luxury vehicle was angry at the pickup driver but the video of the incident clearly shows the fault lies with the Lambo man.

The Lamborghini was in a convoy with a group of other luxury cars on a planned road trip to Sukhothai. The cars obviously drew a lot of attention from locals in the province. Many people stopped and took pictures and recorded videos of the car. Ironically, their videos turned out to provide evidence of the incident.

Two Thai Facebook users, Pleng Preeyalai and Misterpom Anurak, posted videos that captured the incident between the pickup and what looks like a red Lamborghini Huracan model, which is worth between 20 million baht and 50 million baht. The two social media users revealed that the incident happened at the Sukhothai Airport Intersection last night, November 24, at about 6pm.

The videos showed that the red Lamborghini wanted to make a right turn but he was not in the queue. He tried to jump the queue and cut in front of a waiting car, which could clearly see the oncoming pickup. The pickup could not stop in time and smashed into Lamborghini sending it spinning across the road.

The videos went viral on Thai social media with most netizens blaming the Lamborghini driver for his reckless driving. Many netizens were worried that the pickup would not get justice because the Lamborghini driver is probably rich and powerful.

Netizens commented…

“The pickup driver is completely wrong! Because another driver is rich…”

“I feel sorry for the pickup.”

“This will be big news tomorrow.”

“Lamborghini doesn’t even check before turning.”

One man commented on the video that the pickup driver was his aunt. The man revealed that the Lamborghini driver was angry at his aunt and said the accident was his aunt’s fault. However, social media videos clearly show who was at fault, so the driver had to accept it. The man also added that everyone was safe.

Pleng later commented on her video that the driver of the Lamborghini asked her to turn off the comment section and stop updating about the incident.

Officers from Sawan Kalok Police Station posted accident pictures and details on its official Facebook page. Netizens were angry at the post because it said…

“Pickup crashes into a luxury car” without an explanation of why the luxury car was hit.

Netizens voiced concerns that the police will try and blame the pickup driver for the accident and police corruption. They bombarded the post with negative comments and told the police to revise their post.

A spokesperson from Sawan Kalok Police Station updated its Facebook page last night, saying that the two drivers have agreed on compensation. The Lamborghini driver is reportedly paying compensation and maintenance costs to the pickup driver.

No charges were issued against the Lamborghini driver.

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