Masked mayhem: Philadelphia stores hit by teenage looters in daring heists

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Over 100 hooded, masked teenagers stormed various stores across Philadelphia, USA, looting valuable merchandise and filming their exploits without any apparent fear of repercussions. The police have sealed off streets in pursuit of the teenage gang.

As per international website reports, the incident may be a response to a recent verdict acquitting a police officer of murder charges.

The Philadelphia Police revealed that hundreds of masked teenagers have looted several shops, including the Foot Locker, Lululemon, and Apple Store.

They filled plastic bags with valuable items and fled the scene. Despite several arrests, no injuries have been reported. However, a witness stated that security personnel were assaulted at Foot Locker, reported AP.

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Social media footage shows a large gang of teenagers looting stores, all clad in hoods and masks. The teenagers managed to steal multiple iPhones and iPads.

Bystanders filmed the incident without fear, while the police pursued the fleeing gang.

The police suspect that the citywide looting spree by the teenage group may have been triggered by a judge’s verdict yesterday, September 26, which dismissed murder and other charges against a Philadelphia police officer who fatally shot Eddie Irizarry, a driver, through a car window.

The Philadelphia Police Commissioner refuted claims that the widespread looting was linked to previous protests, saying that the anti-police brutality protests had ended peacefully.

The robbery occurred on the same day Target announced the closure of nine stores across four states, including one in New York’s East Harlem and three in the San Francisco Bay Area, citing theft and retail crime endangering the safety of workers and customers. It is not yet clear whether this was due to the incident.

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