Rayong boy hospitalised after bullying incident at school

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A six year old boy in Rayong was bullied by a classmate who forced his head into a toilet, leading to injuries and a hospital visit. The boy’s mother demands action after receiving a dismissive response from the other child’s parents.

Police in Rayong received a report from the mother, Khotchaporn, who stated that her son, a first-year student at a local primary school, was bullied by a classmate in mid-June. The incident occurred during a lunch break when the classmate, referred to as Por, forced the boy’s head into a toilet, causing water to enter his nose. Consequently, the boy required medical attention.

Khotchaporn expressed concerns that Por might commit more severe acts in the future. She reported the incident to the police for documentation and requested a meeting involving the school and parents of both parties to resolve the issue.

She shared her distress with reporters.

“As a mother, hearing that my child was bullied to the extent of having his head forced into a toilet is unacceptable. I immediately informed the school and requested a discussion with the other parents.”

Khotchaporn requested that Por be transferred to another class to avoid further incidents.

“If my son were to change classes, he might feel he is at fault, which he is not. I don’t want both children in the same class because my son is now traumatised, even wetting his pants, which has never happened before.”

She also recounted a particularly distressing meeting with Por’s parents.

“When I asked what would happen if my son had choked on the water, they laughed. I couldn’t continue the conversation because it was too much to bear. Por’s parents have not yet offered a sincere apology or shown any genuine remorse.”

During the conversation, Khotchaporn played an audio clip recorded during a meeting at the school involving parents of both children and shared chat messages between teachers and Por’s parents to support her claims. Police plan to summon the two families and school representatives, as well as relevant professionals to mediate, reported Sanook.

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