Rapid test kit set to combat kidney disease epidemic

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Chulalongkorn Hospital unveils the nation’s first rapid kidney disease test kit, a potential game-changer in battling a growing health crisis.

A research team, spearheaded by Dr Nattachai Srisawat, unveils the ALB11 kit, designed to swiftly detect microalbuminuria, a crucial marker for kidney disease, in the comfort of one’s home.

“An initial screening for the disease is pivotal for swift medical intervention.”

Dr Srisawat highlighted the test’s significance in identifying health risks and promoting lifestyle adjustments.

The ALB11 kit, boasting a remarkable 96% accuracy rate, underwent rigorous examination at Chulalongkorn University and in Samut Sakhon’s Ban Phaeo district, involving over 2,500 participants.

Employing innovative antibody-based albumin point-of-care testing, the kit follows the competitive lateral flow immunochromatography assay concept, ensuring precise results.

Explaining the science behind the test, Dr Srisawat elucidated that albumin, a microprotein found in the blood, signals kidney irregularities when detected in urine, urging high-risk individuals to conduct tests in the morning for optimal accuracy.

Churairat Phromjai, manager of the Health Systems Research Institute (HSRI), highlighted the financial strain kidney disease imposes on patients and the nation’s healthcare system, underscoring the kit’s integration into the universal healthcare scheme, set for a May launch, reported Bangkok Post.

To bolster public health security and enhance medical accessibility, Churairat stressed the importance of innovative research, heralding the ALB11 kit as a beacon of hope in the fight against kidney disease.

In related news, Deputy Government spokesperson Radklao Inthawong Suwankiri warned against the silent killer, colon cancer.

Radklao brought the grim reality of colon cancer to the forefront, shedding light on its menacing rise globally. She highlighted how changing lifestyles have propelled its prevalence, transforming it into a leading cause of death and a pressing public health crisis each passing year.

In Thailand alone, this ruthless adversary stands as one of the top five cancers among the populace, striking fear as it claims lives with relentless ferocity.

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