Deputy spokesperson exposes deadly truth about colon cancer

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Deputy Government Spokesperson Radklao Inthawong Suwankiri warned against the silent killer, colon cancer.

Radklao brought the grim reality of colon cancer to the forefront, shedding light on its menacing rise globally. She highlighted how changing lifestyles have propelled its prevalence, transforming it into a leading cause of death and a pressing public health crisis each passing year. In Thailand alone, this ruthless adversary stands as one of the top five cancers among the populace, striking fear as it claims lives with relentless ferocity.

Annually, a staggering 12,500 individuals receive the dreaded diagnosis, with over 4,700 losing their battle against this formidable foe. But what’s fuelling this epidemic? Deputy Spokesperson Radklao points fingers at our dietary choices, blaming the consumption of high-fat foods, fast food indulgence, and processed meats for fuelling its deadly rampage.

Moreover, smoking, alcohol, sedentary lifestyles, and obesity all threaten our health. However, all is not lost in the fight against colorectal cancer. Radklao offers a glimmer of hope, stressing the importance of early detection through screening.

Individuals aged 50 and above are urged to undergo annual faecal occult blood tests: a simple yet crucial step in identifying warning signs. And if abnormalities rear their ugly heads, a colonoscopy could be a lifesaver reported Pattaya Mail.

By catching polyps or irregularities in the colon early on, doctors can intervene swiftly, potentially altering the course of this deadly disease.

In related news, a warning was issued to fans of barbeque and tabletop grilled pork to limit their consumption to no more than once a month. Additionally, they are advised to always consume organic vegetables.

This caution came from Associate Professor Dr Surat Tanprawate, a neurologist, who posted the warning on his page, Brain with Dr Surat, on November 10 last year. According to the doctor, overconsumption of these popular foods may lead to severe diseases such as colon cancer, which could result in a colostomy bag.

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