Hoofing havoc: Rampaging army horses cause chaos in London

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In a scene straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster, the heart of London turned into a battleground as army horses, spooked during a routine military exercise, broke free and charged through the city streets, pursued by police.

The drama unfolded in central London’s Belgravia, where an ordinary morning took a terrifying turn. Eyewitnesses watched in horror as the majestic creatures tore through traffic, smashing into cars, a taxi, and even a tourist bus.

The chaos began when construction materials were unexpectedly dropped near the horses during their exercise. This sudden disturbance sent the animals into a frenzy, throwing off their riders and galloping off into the urban jungle.

Reports flooded in of smashed vehicles and injured bystanders as the police raced to contain the situation. Ambulance crews were kept busy, treating four people in just ten minutes amid the horse-led chaos.

But amidst the panic, heroes emerged. The Metropolitan Police, City of London Police, and other emergency services sprang into action, aided by brave members of the public, to corral the runaway horses and tend to the injured.

In a statement, Commanding Officer Matt Woodward of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment expressed gratitude for the swift response of emergency services and the public. He explained that such incidents are rare but acknowledged the risks involved in training horses for urban environments, reported Yahoo News UK.

Eyewitnesses recounted scenes of terror and disbelief as the normally serene streets of London became a battleground between man and beast. One witness described it as total mayhem, while another likened it to a weird dream.

In related news, local police announced they have successfully identified the suspect in the murder of a 27 year old Thai woman in London but added that the killer may have fled abroad. The woman was found at her luxury mansion on Stanhope Place, on Bayswater Road, near Hyde Park on April 8. She reportedly bore multiple stab wounds all over her body.

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