Predatory allegations: Thai pedophile accused of kidnapping 14 year old from Hmong community

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A Thai man has been accused of being a predatory pedophile after kidnapping a 14 year old boy from the Hmong ethnic group community at the Chom Si temple in the central province of Sing Buri on September 16.

The missing boy has been identified as Natchapon “Moa” Somphopworrapong. Moa is a Hmong boy who relocated to a temple in the northern province of Tak. The boy lived and studied at the temple with 200 other children.

A monk filed a complaint at Inburi Police Station, stating that Moa went missing at around 10am on September 16. Police checked a nearby security camera and found a man who had taken Moa out of the temple on his sidecar motorcycle.

The monk reported that the man often visited the temple to collect recycled waste for sale. According to Moa’s friend, the man often talked to Mou and promised to buy the boy a mobile phone if he agreed to live with him.

In an attempt to establish the man’s identity, officers spoke to locals in the area and learned that his name was Phan, who lived in a dormitory in the area. However, officers have not yet been able to establish Phan’s identity as he stole the identity of a Thai man named Sompong Somsuay to rent the dormitory.

Phan’s neighbour, Chai, told police he saw Phan escorting a teenage boy into the room. Chai did not see the boy ask for help or act suspiciously. Phan later left the room to buy food for two people in the evening.

An owner of a restaurant near the dormitory said she last saw Phan and the boy on Sunday morning. The two left the dormitory and have not returned.

A vendor at a grocery store in the area said Phan had lived in the dormitory for a long time. The vendor accused Phan of being a pedophile and had a history of taking young boys to his room. The vendor even claimed to have witnessed a concerned mother coming to retrieve her son from Phan’s room.

Officers are now searching for Phan and the victim. They are confident that they will be able to arrest Phan very soon.

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