Prachinburi firefighters battle stubborn landfill blaze

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A relentless blaze has been challenging firefighters in Prachinburi as they work tirelessly to extinguish a landfill fire that has been burning throughout the night. The sprawling fire, spanning over an area exceeding 17 rai with mounds of garbage more than 4 metres high, has caused significant distress to locals due to the smoke and foul odour affecting three subdistricts.

The Prachinburi Provincial Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office reported the ongoing situation at the Nong Hoi landfill, where the sizable fire has been difficult to contain. Despite the efforts of firefighting teams who worked nonstop throughout the night, the flames continued to flare up, presenting a persistent challenge to bring the situation under full control.

The district chief, Juthamas Buaphuean, has coordinated with the firefighting units, ensuring that all necessary equipment and vehicles, including two backhoes, are deployed to manage the fire. The teams have managed to keep the fire within a limited area, using water to douse the flames and backhoes to spread out the trash, preventing the fire from spreading further, reported KhaoSod.

While the firefighters have been successful in controlling the perimeter of the fire, it continues to reignite, producing plumes of smoke and a pungent odour that have significantly impacted the quality of life for residents in the nearby subdistricts of Nong Khon, Nong Mad Daeng, and the Sam Kha village in Nong Phrong. The smoke has been carried by the wind to these areas, exacerbating the situation for the local communities.

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In related news, a fire broke out at an industrial waste and chemical warehouse belonging to the Win Process Company in the eastern province of Rayong at 8.30am on April 22. The Thai authorities have been working for over 20 hours to extinguish the fire and are still struggling to fully control it due to flammable chemical substances.

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