Poll shows schools, students, parents, “not ready” for online learning

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A recent poll from Suan Dusit has indicated that schools, students and parents are “not ready” for online learning.

The poll, conducted by Suan Dusit of Suan Dusit University from June 14 to June 17 provides several reasons why many are not ready for online learning.

The poll, which queried 3,749 people such as: school administrators, teachers, students/students’ parents, on their feelings toward online learning.

The poll shows:

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  • 51.35% of the respondents said that they currently not for online learning
  • 63.30% said the Thai educational system is not ready for virtual teaching
  • 77.18% of teachers said that online capabilities are subpar
  • 66.16% of parents are worried that their children cannot concentrate fully
  • 74.25% of students are worried that they might have difficulties understanding their teachers
  • 62.22% of the respondents would prefer if the state provided devices to the students and schools to assist in online learning
  • 33.57% believe that online learning “will affect” young children’s education

However, Dr Uah-aree Chanthor, who is the head of the learning system development section of the Faculty of Education at Suan Dusit University, cautions the public that online learning is a novel experience. Further, it should be looked at as a challenge and not a hindrance to learning.

Dr Uah went on to say that everyone who is worried should take a more “digital mindset”. And to be more opened minded. Dr Uah says teachers must adjust their teaching methods to suit the new conditions.

Despite most schools reopening in Thailand, schools in the Deep Red zones remain based online.

Earlier today, the Thaiger reported that multiple schools in Chiang Rai had closed due to infections being found. On Wednesday, 6 schools in the northern province of Phitsanulok also closed after infections were discovered.



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