Police arrest fuel theft suspect after dramatic high-speed chase

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A dramatic police chase on foot culminated in the arrest of a suspect who had been on a spree of fuel thefts across three provinces, filling up massive containers with fuel before making a quick getaway in his modified pickup truck.

The suspect, identified as 32 year old Natthawut, was finally apprehended in a rental room after a failed attempt to escape the police led to a prolonged chase.

The vehicle in the crime, Natthawut’s white pickup truck was heavily modified and has been involved in multiple fuel theft incidents where the suspect had managed to escape from several petrol stations by speeding off, leaving black smoke in his wake.

One particularly harrowing incident occurred on Rama II Road, where a petrol station attendant, 25 year old Thad, was injured after clinging to the back of the fleeing truck and subsequently falling off, sustaining arm injuries. This prompted police to investigate the incidents.

Today, officers from the Yisarn Police Station, along with Provincial Police Region 7 and the Crime Suppression Division, identified the suspect’s location by tracking down his mobile phone signal. They discovered the suspicious pickup truck at a rental room unit.

Upon inspection, they found containers of fuel and engine oil, confirming their suspicions of the fuel theft.

Despite attempts to negotiate his surrender, Natthawut attempted to evade capture by smashing a bathroom window, jumping into a drainage ditch, and fleeing into a nearby village and forest. The police, however, managed to apprehend him after a strenuous chase, with both parties exhausted and covered in mud.

He initially pretended to faint and refused to cooperate, but was then taken to identify the vehicle used in the crimes. Despite his initial silence, he eventually confessed to the thefts in Ratchaburi, Samut Prakarn, and Samut Songkhram.

Natthawut admitted to committing similar crimes in several locations: on June 6 in Ban Phaeo, on June 9 in Bang Thorat and Pak Tho, on June 13 and 14 again in Pak Tho, and on June 16 in Yisarn. Each time, he used his modified pickup to make a quick getaway.

Police have charged Natthawut with theft by trickery, using a vehicle to facilitate the crime, and causing harm to others. He will face additional legal proceedings in each of the aforementioned areas, reported Khaosod.

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