Police accused of shooting innocent Thai man and wife (video)

Photo via Channel 7

Two police officers in the central province of Kanchanaburi allegedly shot an innocent Thai man in the leg after he tried to break up an argument between the officers and a group of teenagers. The man’s wife and another woman were also injured in the incident.

The victim, 35 year old Uthai Pathumsut, sought justice after he and his 32 year old wife, Jiraporn Kaewsi-ngam, were assaulted by the Nongprue Police Station officers. Another woman, 31 year old Sunisa Promkhun, was also attacked when she tried to intervene.

Uthai recounted the incident on the day in an interview with Channel 7 that he, his wife, and Sunisa were selling food at a public park. Two police officers arrived and checked on the motorcycle of a teenager who was hanging out with friends.

The officers fined the teenager 300 baht for an illegal modified exhaust pipe but the teenager did not have enough money to pay the fine. The officers insisted he pay, leading to an argument between the police and the group.

Uthai and his wife intervened, asking the police to calm down. Uthai suggested the officers issue a fine ticket and let the teenager pay later at the police station.

Unexpectedly, one of the officers became angry and pushed Uthai in the chest. Uthai fought back, and the officer hit him in the head with a baton. Jiraporn tried to protect her husband and was hit in the arm.

The officer then fired multiple shots into the ground, shocking everyone at the park. Bullet fragments hit Uthai and his wife in their legs. The two officers continued to hit Uthai with the baton before leaving the scene.

Sunisa told Channel 7 that she tried to stop the assault but one of the officers punched her in the eye. She had to flee with her three year old child when the shooting started.

The superintendent of the police station denied the accusations and defended his officers. He said the vendors interfered with a police operation, which led to the altercation.

However, the superintendent admitted that the officers should not have fired their guns and that it was considered excessive force. He promised to investigate the case further and ensure justice for both parties.

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