Lottery enthusiasts search for lucky numbers for this Sunday’s draw

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Lottery enthusiasts eagerly await the numbers for the upcoming draw this Sunday, June 16, with several intriguing sources contributing potential winning digits.

Fans of Thai actress Hai Aphaporn are keenly observing her latest lottery predictions after her recent spiritual ceremony.

“It’s close now. What is that on the ground? The spirit has told me again. Because I just paid my respects again. Mix it up yourself. Eight has come up again. Is it number 8?”

Devotees and followers from around the country gathered densely to honour Luang Pu Pa, and many took numbers related to him to try their luck, especially focusing on the teak coffin priced at 800,000 baht, which bore the number 986.

Mon Sitthikamsroi, known for his lottery predictions, drew numbers from a pot, offering two sets: a two-digit combination of 5-8 and a three-digit combination of 9-0-8.

Luang Pu Pa passed away peacefully at the age of 93. He had stopped breathing and was rushed to Sri Rayong Hospital but passed away quietly. He was 93 years, seven months, and six days old, having been a monk for 72 years.

Excitement surged among residents as a giant reticulated python, measuring 3 to 4 metres, was caught in a fish trap. Onlookers noted the police vehicle that came to remove the snake, with its number plate being 3 ขณ 3603 Bangkok, hoping to use it as a reference for their lottery picks.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s visit to Chiang Mai also drew attention, with many fixating on his vehicle’s licence plate. The Bangkok-born Srettha travelled in a Toyota Alphard, bearing the number 8กผ1127 Bangkok, with the hope that this number might bring them luck in the June 16 draw.

In Nakhon Pathom, Luang Pho Yim, a revered monk of 101 years with 76 years of monkhood, passed away peacefully at Thonburi Hospital at 9.57am on June 6. His age and the time of death have become focal points for lottery hopefuls.

A unique event occurred at a residence where a snake gave birth, causing a flurry of comments online. Many users requested the house number and the number of snake offspring to use as their lottery numbers. The house number 121 has become a popular choice among lottery enthusiasts for this draw, reported Sanook.

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