Gambling warning: Thai PM scores with free euro 2024 coverage

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Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin plans to provide free live coverage of Euro 2024 but warns the Thai public against gambling. Personally cheering for the English squad, he aims that the live coverage would stimulate businesses in local restaurants and bars.

PM Srettha today, June 6, held a press conference at the Government House, expressing his satisfaction with sponsorship support in facilitating the free live broadcast of the Euro 2024 football tournament in Germany.

Although thankful for the opportunity provided by the sponsors, the Bangkok-born PM reiterates his stance against any gambling on the event. He maintains his discouragement of gambling, stating that it may lead to major violent disputes among football fans.

Gambling remains illegal in Thailand, as evidenced by recent crackdowns on illegal online gambling by authorities. But with a sporting event as large and prestigious as the Euros, the PM’s discouragement towards gambling may likely fall on deaf ears of some diehard football fans looking to make some quick cash.

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Additionally, regarding the difference between Europe and Thailand, matches might be broadcast late at night, prompting the PM to warn viewers not to forget their early morning duties.

The 62 year old Srettha disclosed that the government budget was not utilised for this broadcast but refused to elaborate in detail due to confidentiality agreements. Matches will be aired on Channel 9 MCOT HD and NBT2HD, covering every Euro football match.

When asked which team he was cheering for, the PM shared his confidence in the England squad to win the championship.

“I support England, with Harry Kane being a favourite player. They stand a good chance.”

Reporters mentioned the PM’s inquiry to the Minister of Tourism and Sports, Supasak Pongpanich, about his interest in football, before turning his attention to Minister Jiraporn Sinthuprai, jokingly asking if she watched football matches.

The Thai PM is positive that this live broadcast would bring joy and happiness to the people, while also acting as an opportunity to stimulate various restaurant and sports bar businesses, reported KhaoSod.

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