Plastics factory owner dies in fatal Bangkok car crash, 2 passengers injured

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A tragic accident occurred early yesterday when a car crashed into an electricity pole, resulting in the death of a plastics factory owner and injuring two of his companions. Police and emergency services responded to the incident around 3.30am, near Ratchaburana Road in Bang Pho, Bangkok.

The fatal mishap involved a Subaru Legacy car, registered number ฬฮ5030 Bangkok. The driver’s side of the car was severely damaged from the impact of the electricity pole. The deceased was identified as 48 year old Kawi, the owner of a plastic factory. He was found in the car, sustaining severe injuries including a broken neck and two fractured arms. His body had to be extracted from the wreckage using special cutting equipment.

Car Crash Investigation
Image courtesy of KhaoSod Online

Two other occupants of the car, a 20 year old woman named Panrapi and a 60 year old man recognized as Rankong were seriously injured. The latter is believed to have been a high-ranking official stationed at Ratchaburana Police Station. They were both transported to Bang Pakok 1 Hospital for urgent medical treatment.

When inspecting the site, two different poles were found damaged – one slightly scratched but still standing and another smaller one completely wrecked. According to Phrathep Nakmong, the head of Ruamkatanyu Foundation at Ratchaburana, it is speculated that the car might have lost control due to a sharp right curve on the road. The car first brushed against the edge of the footpath before hitting the first pole, ricocheting from the impact, and killing Kawi instantly while injuring his passengers. The survivors were quickly taken to the hospital by emergency responders.

The authorities are currently collecting evidence and conducting investigations to identify the cause of the accident. The teammates will also interview the survivors for further details to assist in the investigation of this unfortunate event, reported Khaosod Online.

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