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Phuket Gazette: Gender inequality; Public debt; 4 Forbes’ heroes

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Phuket Gazette: Gender inequality; Public debt; 4 Forbes’ heroes | The Thaiger

– Thailand news compiled by Gazette editors for Phuket’s international community

Gender inequality still a problem among police cadets, say female students
Phuket Gazette / The Nation

PHUKET: The Royal Police Cadet School is proud of a recent workshop it conducted on ending violence against women in the community.

However, in practice, its female students still experience gender discrimination at the school, claiming some of their male peers have even given them the silent treatment for their attempt to prove that women and men are equal.

“Most male cadets here have a really strong gender perspective. They can’t bear the fact that women can shoulder a rifle like they do,” a female cadet said sadly.

Speaking on condition that she be identified only as ‘Tuk’, she said gender discrimination was so severe she once decided to call the course quits.

“I felt uncomfortable. Apart from many strict rules, there were certain issues about female nature. For example, when I have my periods, I always have a bad stomach ache but they failed to understand why I couldn’t join their normal training,” Tuk recounted.

Four years ago, she entered the school with its first batch of female cadets. At the time, there were about 20,000 female applicants but only 60 emerged the best in both physical and academic tests.

Tuk couldn’t stand the pressure in school, so she decided to leave during her third year.

“Most Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School (AFAPS) graduates who study here tend to not accept female cadets as they think women ruined their system,” one male student at the Royal Police Cadet School admitted. He agreed to give the interview on condition his name be withheld.

The student said about 70 per cent of male students still had a bad attitude towards female police. Some might express their feelings clearly, such as not stopping to bow to more senior female cadets, even though such action violates regulations.

When graduates from boys-only schools move to higher-educational institutes, their attitudes about gender equality do not pose much of a problem because most institutes have graduates from girls-only and co-ed schools.

However, at the Royal Police Cadet School, most students are still male – 80 per cent of the current students at this school coming from the AFAPS. It was big news when 80 Royal Police cadets voluntarily joined the three-day training over the past weekend to increase their knowledge of the nature, extent, and seriousness of crimes perpetrated against women.

“Some male cadets changed their masculine attitudes after women proved they could do everything men do. But there are still extreme individuals who won’t talk or participate with us,” said Key, a third-year female cadet, who hesitated before speaking softly.

Tuk, who resumed her study at the Royal Police Cadet School, reckoned that things had changed in a better way. Yet, when asked whether the workshop on ending violence against women would erase wrong gender perspectives, Tuk gave a firm “No”.

Anek Anonthawan, a teacher at the Royal Thai Cadet School, insisted that the girls’ presence at the institution so far has benefited the males.

“At first, there were heated debates on whether girls should be accepted as police cadets. But we explained to students that police need policewomen to work on sensitive cases and all understood it.” Anek said.

Nattaporn Seedajai, an administrative teacher, said the school’s practices had been adjusted to ensure they suited the physique of both males and females.

“Female cadets have colored and softened the atmosphere here,” Nattaporn said.

However, the less tough physical training has not made male police cadets happy and has led to anti-female cadet feeling in the school.

“Police cadets used to be proud of their system, their programmes. But when things changed, they blamed the girls,” a male police cadet said.

Although Nattaporn has welcomed the girls to his school, he still apparently believes females can’t be as strong as males. “I respect a female police cadet’s spirit, but I feel pity for a little girl who has to be trained hard like men,” Nattaporn said.

He also felt sorry for female cadets who may not be allowed to join an award ceremony where the royally-granted swords are presented and all male graduates attend.

“To date, no female police officers have got the swords even though their male peers receive one each. So, I am not really sure whether female graduates from our schools will be allowed to join the ceremony. I love them all but I won’t be able to help in this regard,” Nattaporn said.

Govt warned over surge in public debt
Phuket Gazette / The Nation

PHUKET: The government must address the rising level of public debt and cut populist spending to free up funding for investment in infrastructure projects, participants in a seminar said.

The Finance Ministry projects that public debt will rise to about 54 per cent of gross domestic product in the next four years, up from about 42 per cent currently. The debt-to-GDP ratio is considered safe as long as it is below 60 per cent, according to the ministry’s Public Debt Management Office.

But economist-turned-politician Trairong Suwankiri yesterday warned that if the Finance Ministry’s assumed GDP growth rate of about 4-5 per cent did not materialize, public debt would be much higher than projected.

“So if average GDP growth in the next four years is about 2-3 per cent, the country will face a problem of unsustainable public debt,” he said at seminar hosted by the Thammasat Economics Association.

The current and past governments have run fiscal deficits in an effort to bolster the economy in the face of the global financial crisis and last year’s severe floods. The government plans to run a deficit of about Bt400 billion this year and Bt300 billion next year.

High public debts can sink a country quickly, as seen in the case of the late-1990s financial crisis in Argentina, which had public debt of only 50 per cent of GDP, Trairong said.

Greece, so far, has been kept afloat only by bail-outs from the European Union, he said.

By continuing to waste a lot of money on the rice-pledging scheme this year, the government will add to the public debt, Trairong said.

Former finance minister Somkid Jatusripitak urged the government to invest more in infrastructure projects, education, and research and development to support sustainable growth.

Short-term economic stimulus will not lead to sustainable growth, he said.

Thailand could take advantage of the Asean single market if the country can improve its competitiveness through productive investment. Thailand’s competitiveness now lags behind those of Singapore and Malaysia, Somkid said.

He warned that political conflict would lead to a further erosion of the country’s competitiveness as the right people are not put into the right jobs because of nepotism and other forms of corruption.

“The country now lacks consciousness; people do not know what is right and what is wrong,” he lamented.

Bhanupong Nidhiprabha, dean of Thammasat University’s economics faculty, said fiscal stimulus was the right solution, as the global economy is slowing, but cautioned that public spending must be well targeted.

Teerana Bhongmakapat, former dean of Chulalongkorn University’s economics faculty, warned the government not to be complacent over public debt. O

— Phuket Gazette Editors

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New controls on three toxic agri-chemicals take effect on October 20

Greeley Pulitzer



New controls on three toxic agri-chemicals take effect on October 20 | The Thaiger

A number of ministers and officials are vowing to continue pushing for a ban on three controversial agri-chemicals – Paraquat, Glyphosate and Chlorpyrifos – all still widely used in Thai agriculture.

Meanwhile, strict measures on using the three chemicals, announced on April 5 and set take effect on October 20, have brought cheers from consumers and NGOs but protests from some farmers, who claim they still need to use the such chemicals.

When the new measures come into effect, farmers will have to provide certification that they have been trained on how to properly use the pesticides and herbicides, the crops they will be used on, and the area – all to calculate the amount of chemicals to be purchased. The person spraying the pesticides must be licenced, and shops may sell to registered and only tested farmers only. Manufacturers, importers and exporters must inform officials about production, import or export processes, and the purpose of possession.

The director-general of Agriculture Agency said farmers who still needed to use the three chemicals could apply for the training course with the government agency at any time.

Meanwhile, the president of the Agribusiness Association of Thai People reported that that in 2018, the country imported 170,000 tonnes of agricultural substances worth 3.62 billion baht – a decrease from 2017 imports of 198,000 tonnes.

SOURCE: The Nation

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Thais commemorate the passing of beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Greeley Pulitzer



Thais commemorate the passing of beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej | The Thaiger

Thousands across the Kingdom, many wearing yellow, attended religious ceremonies and activities yesterday to commemorate the passing of the beloved late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. His Majesty died on October 13, 2016

In Bangkok, a large crowd offered alms to hundreds of monks and novices as PM Prayut Chan-o-cha led ministers, military leaders and officials in paying homage to the late King and placing wreaths in front of a huge portrait of the late monarch.

Similar activities were held at provincial halls throughout the country, and a candlelit ceremony, led by the Prime Minister, was held at Sanam Luang in Bangkok.

In Hua Hin, some 500 people, mostly dressed in yellow, the colour of the late King, joined a charity walk and run on the Phetkasem highway in the morning. In the north-east province of Yasothon, Thanisorn Chittama placed rice crops in his 1 hectare rice field to form an image of the late King, with wording related to the King’s philosophy of sustainable economy.


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“Eat, Shop, Spend” drive reaches registration target

Greeley Pulitzer



“Eat, Shop, Spend” drive reaches registration target | The Thaiger

Ten million people signed up for the first Eat, Shop, Spend stimulus campaign since its launch on September 23. The organisers have expressed thanks to all who have participated.

The first phase of the campaign aimed to boost domestic spending by offering 10 million people a 1,000 baht voucher via the G-Wallet mobile application to spend in specific shops, outside their province, before November 30.

The Minister of Finance says the campaign will be extended into Phase 2 but with the criteria and regulations adjusted to attract more people with purchasing power to spend their own money, without the 1,000 baht per person give-away seen in Phase 1. The second phase will take place in November and December.

SOURCES: The Thaiger | The Nation | National News Bureau of Thailand

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