Pheu Thai denies plans to scrap party-list electoral system

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The Pheu Thai Party firmly refuted circulating rumours suggesting the party plans to abolish the party-list electoral system to outmanoeuvre the rising Move Forward Party (MFP) in the upcoming election.

Pheu Thai list MP Noppadon Pattama stated that he has never encountered such a strategy in the party’s discussions.

This response came after Thai Sang Thai Party Leader, Sudarat Keyuraphan mentioned that a Pheu Thai insider informed her about a charter amendment proposal to eliminate the party-list system while maintaining the constituency-based election method.

According to Sudarat, the plan envisions electing all 500 MPs through constituencies, purportedly as a tactic to surpass the MFP in the next election.

The MFP has been gaining momentum, as evidenced by a National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) poll in March, which revealed MFP Chief Advisor Pita Limjaroenrat as the preferred candidate for the premiership, securing 42.75% of respondents support, up from 39.4% in the previous poll.

In contrast, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin of Pheu Thai received 17.75% support, a decline from 22.35% in December, said Noppadon.

“I am surprised by this rumour. It is unlikely that the party will only propose section-by-section charter amendments to scrap the party-list system… The party now focuses on amending the charter to establish a charter drafting assembly to draw up a new constitution.”

Noppadon further emphasised that any attempt to abolish the party-list system would face strong opposition from other MPs and caretaker senators.

“Don’t waste time discussing it. Such a proposal never existed.”

The Director of the Chartthaipattana Party and Secretary to a committee studying the charter referendum, Nikorn Chamnong, also dismissed the rumour, asserting that the current systems are appropriate.

During the last General Election, the MFP secured the most seats with 151 MPs, with 112 from constituencies and 39 from the party list. In contrast, Pheu Thai won 141 House seats, with 112 from constituencies and 29 from the party list.

In the party-list segment, the MFP garnered over 14 million votes, achieving victories in almost all of Thailand’s 77 provinces, reported Bangkok Post.

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