Pattaya motorcycle taxi rider dodges death with IED discovery on Beach Road

A motorcycle taxi rider narrowly escaped death after discovering two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) on a Beach Road in Pattaya. Fortunately, he escaped without a scratch when one of the bombs exploded.

The 57 year old motorcycle taxi rider, Suwit Srijantuek, told Channel 7 that he stumbled upon the IEDs hidden in a traffic cone he routinely uses daily to safeguard his parking place. Suwit clarified that as he relocated the cone, situated near his motorcycle taxi shelter, to indicate the designated taxi parking zone, one of the bombs detonated, startling both him and nearby tourists.

Fortunately, Suwit remarked that he was fortunate as the explosion resulted in no serious injuries to himself or anyone else present at the scene. He carefully checked the cone and discovered another bomb hidden inside, prompting him to seek help from Mueang Pattaya Police Station.

Bangkokbiznews reported that the site was in front of a hotel and only 500 metres from Mueang Pattaya Police Station.

Police and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) officers later arrived at the scene and successfully disposed of the other bomb. They reported that both bombs were homemade.

Police are now investigating and searching for the suspects who crafted and placed the bombs at the spot. Officers suspect that a group of teenagers in the area made the bombs and carried them to attack a rival group. They had to leave and hide the bombs there because of a police checkpoint ahead.

In a related story, a Thai cannabis shop owner filed a police report in September last year after a group of men, his former friends, threw a homemade bomb at his shop. The group also reportedly threw a bomb at a motorbike, leaving the rider with severe burns.

In April of last year, a group of 10 Thai and Russian youths were arrested for the explosion and physical assault at a Photisan Market in Chon Buri. A 17 year old victim was injured in the incident.

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