Woman warns others after being stalked by creepy taxi driver

Photo via Channel 3 and Samai Survive

A woman driver issued a warning to others after she was stalked by a taxi driver to her home in Pathum Thani province near Bangkok. The cab driver denied the accusation saying he was hired by an unknown person to follow her.

The woman, Thitichaya (surname reserved), said she was stalked by a taxi driver for over 10 kilometres. The 26 year old filed a complaint to the police but did not get any satisfaction so asked a non-profit organisation, Saimai Survive, to spread her story and warn other female drivers who drive alone at night.

Thitichaya said that she was driving home from her office at 7pm on Sunday, November 13 on Sawai Pracharat, or Phra Ong Chao Sai Road, in Pathum Thani. She noticed that a pink taxi car was following her along the way. At first, she thought she may have done something wrong on the road to upset the taxi driver.

The taxi driver followed her into her village, passed the security booth and continued tailing her. Thitichaya did not want the taxi driver to know where she lived so continued to drive around the village.

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The young woman then returned to the security booth and asked the guards why they let him through.

One security guard said the taxi driver told him that he was picking up some passengers at Thitichaya’s house.

Thitichaya called the police and while she waited, confronted the taxi driver, asking why he was following her. The driver said a Grab delivery rider asked him to follow her. Then, he changed his story saying Thitichaya asked him to follow. He continued to talk nonsense as the police arrived at the scene and asked for his ID card and driving license. The driver said he lost them.

Thitichaya said the police just let him go without a warning. The taxi driver said thank you to the police and just drove away.

Thitichaya tried to contact the taxi information centre but the staff there said it was up to the police to take action.

Thitichaya then got in touch with the non-profit organisation Saimai Survive to spread her story and warns to be aware of a stalking taxi driver in the area.

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