Pattaya mayor takes part in rice festival

On Thursday, Pattaya Mayor Poramase Ngampiches took part in the traditional Kong Khao (rice) festival in the local town of Naklua. This fascinating ceremony is an integral part of Chonburi province culture, attracting hundreds every year to honour and seek the blessings of the sacred guardian spirits, deities and other protective entities known to protect the local population.

The Kong Khao festival in Pattaya is an essential time for the local community to pay homage to various spirits and deities, such as Chao Pa Chao Khao (the spirit of the mountain), Phra Mae Kong Ka (the goddess of rice), and numerous other protective spirits. By honouring these sacred entities, the community hopes for their continued well-being and safety, as well as maintaining the calm and tranquility within their towns and villages.

Mayor Poramase began the Kong Khao opening ceremony at 6.30 PM at the heart of the Nong Yai community in Naklua, The Pattaya News reported. Alongside local residents, Poramase was immersed in the atmosphere of making merit to pay homage to the spirits, seeking the protection and blessings they provide to the community. Spirits were high as everyone enjoyed the festive celebrations, learning more about the history and significance of the event.

One surefire way to lift the hearts of the attendees was the “Phi Pha” or forest spirit parade. The parade was a favourite part of the event. People dressed up as forest spirits walked through the bustling streets in a captivating procession, collecting the sweet and savoury treats lovingly prepared by the local community. Laughter and joy resonated through the audience, as the lively and colourful event captured the hearts and minds of all those involved.

The rich cultural traditions on display make the festival a must-see event for anyone looking to learn more about the customs and heritage of the area.

The Kong Khao festival stands out as a proud celebration of local culture, providing a deeper connection for the community to honour and seek the blessings of their guardian spirits. Coming just after Songkran, the Thai New Year, this event is a vibrant and exciting extension of the festive period, uniting the people of Pattaya and beyond.

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