Pattaya: Ditched cables spark public uproar

Photo courtesy of Pattaya Mail

A wave of public outcry has surged on the official Facebook page of Mayor Direct Line, as citizens express alarm over the abandoned cables strewn across various locations in Pattaya.

The outcry follows the commencement of demolition and restructuring of communication lines along South Pattaya Road by the Public Utility Division of the Pattaya Municipal Electrical Engineering Office, the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) Pattaya Office, and a private company.

On March 23, one concerned commenter highlighted the sight of communication lines dangling across the beach, questioning the decision to abandon them above ground when the expectation was for them to be buried underground.

Another resident raised doubts about the handling and disposal of the removed lines, recalling a previous incident where sparking power lines caused a fire in the middle of the night, disaster was narrowly avoided thanks to prompt action, reported Pattaya Mail.

In related news, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), under the leadership of Khajon Srichawanothai, reported a triumph in the endeavour to relocate power cables underground along Sarasin Road.

Amidst the verdant expanse of Lumpini Park, Pathumwan District, Bangkok, a historic announcement ceremony unfolded on March 8. Joined by Chadchart Sittipunt, Bangkok Governor, Vilas Chalaysat, MEA Governor, and a cadre of network executives, the MEA showcased the fruition of their labour: the successful relocation of power cables underground along Sarasin Road.

In other news, an investigation conducted on February 12 at the Government Housing Project in Pattaya revealed an electricity meter tampering scandal. Led by the project manager, in collaboration with Na Jomtien police investigators and representatives from the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) Jomtien branch, the inspection was prompted by irregularities in electricity consumption patterns within Building 12.

Despite residents receiving inflated electricity bills, a detailed examination revealed significant disparities between recorded consumption and actual usage in individual units.

Officials uncovered compelling evidence of tampering near the meters’ side panels, indicating deliberate manipulation of measurements.

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