Patong: Intoxicated tourist causes chaos on Thaweewong Road

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Authorities in Patong had to intervene when a foreign tourist, heavily intoxicated, caused a disturbance on Thaweewong Road early Tuesday morning, May 14. Despite the incident occurring four days prior, details were released today, underscoring that officers adhered to standard police protocols.

At approximately 2.30am on Tuesday, Patong Police Station received multiple alerts from concerned citizens and tourists about a disruptive individual at Loma Circle. The man, described as being in a state of severe intoxication, was reportedly causing significant public nuisance.

A team of eight police officers, under the command of Captain Sanit Aiyasuwan, promptly responded to the scene. Upon arrival, officers attempted to de-escalate the situation by persuading the man to calm down. However, the individual reportedly could not control his emotions and tried to fight the officers, according to the official police report.

“In apprehending the man, officers followed the principles of arrest tactics for the safety of responding personnel.”

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The officers had no choice but to use force to subdue the man, eventually taking him into custody and transporting him to Patong Police Station. There, he was allowed to sober up and subsequently faced charges for being drunk with alcohol or other intoxicants, behaving chaotically, and causing a nuisance in public, reported Phuket News.

“If left unattended, the man could have caused danger to the life or property of others.”

Despite the arrest having taken place four days ago, the man’s identity and nationality remain unknown as he was too intoxicated to communicate effectively at the time of his apprehension.

In related news, a 24 year old Thai-English man was arrested in the early hours of April 28 after his intoxicated joyride ended in a series of collisions along Pattaya South Road. The young man’s reckless driving left a trail of destruction and alarmed local motorcycle taxi drivers who witnessed his erratic behaviour.

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