Palm tree falls on top of Thai man and kills him in southern Thailand

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A dead palm tree fell on top of a Thai man and killed him at a plantation in the southern province of Satun yesterday, November 27.

A Thai man named Sorn reported the incident to officers at Manang Police Station and the Nikhom Pattana Sub-district Rescue Team. His 47 year old employer, Date, had been hit by a large palm tree at the plantation in Manang district of Satun province.

Upon arrival, the rescue team rushed to pull Date from under the palm tree and perform CPR on him. The rescuers said Date had no pulse and his heart had stopped beating when they arrived. They performed CPR for 30 minutes but were unable to save his life.

Sorn informed the police that he and his girlfriend had been recruited by Date to fertilise the oil palms on the plantation. Date instructed him that the fertiliser had been strategically placed, directing Sorn to start his work.

Having completed his tasks by 12.45pm, Sorn sought out Date to inquire if there were any additional assignments. Unable to locate Date at the designated meeting point, he decided to ride his motorcycle around the plantation in an attempt to find him.

During his search, Sorn came across Date’s pickup truck and noticed a fallen palm tree in the vicinity. Intrigued, he approached the scene and was dismayed to discover Date’s lifeless body beneath the tree. Sorn and his girlfriend promptly contacted the authorities.

Upon investigation, officers found evidence that Date had employed a chemical method to kill numerous palm trees in the area. The chemical used was designed to induce the death and collapse of the palm trees, creating space for the growth of new ones.

Officers predicted that Date was sitting and resting in the area and a strong wind caused the dead tree to fall on him.

A similar incident was reported in April when a tamarind tree on the side of the road in the Isaan province of Khon Kaen was cut making it topple over a passing car. The tree killed the male driver and severely injured his wife. The man who cut the tree faced a charge of unintentional murder.

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